Facebook Marketing

Facebook has over one billion members and is one of the largest sources of traffic on the Internet. We offer innovative solutions to boost your social status, as well as in-depth understanding of Facebook’s advertising platforms. Facebook advertising is a great way to develop an audience for your brand, drive sales, improve customer loyalty, and connect with new people.  We also use A/B split testing to determine which ads are generating the best ROI for your campaign

Target Audience

Facebook enables you to be super-targeted with your ads, from women aged 30-55 interested in weight loss to; men aged 35 – 50 interested in dating in New York.

How Facebook Advertising Works?

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads allow you to promotional offers, apps, events, or simply encourage people to like your page, by giving them an incentive. The key is to be super-targeted with your ad campaign, including an effective picture and hook that will enable you to get more fans.

Facebook Lead Generation

Facebook is a fantastic way to acquire laser targeted leads for your business. We can help you drive an effective Facebook campaign, with Facebook’s advanced targeted features to ensure it meets your business goals.

Sponsored Stories

Sponsored stories are messages you see on your news feed about friends engaging with a Facebook Fan page, app, or business. Sponsored stories will always say sponsored and will usually appear in your news feed or on the right hand side of your page.

Promoted Posts

Promoted Posts is a great way to get more of your content seen by more people. Promoted Posts usually appear in your News Feed and show up higher so the audience for the post has more chance to see them. Create highly shareable content, and you can increase your Facebook reach exponentially.

Facebook Offers

Facebook offers are a great way to offer discounts and offers to your Facebook fans. Facebook offers allow you to create special offers and promotions that are open to people who like your page. Facebook also enables you to share the offer with friends creating a viral campaign.

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